Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend

We will split this “questions to ask your girlfriend” page into some more general “getting to know you” type questions to ask your girlfriend, and then finish off with some more fun questions to ask your girlfriend. We’ll also avoid difficult questions that could lead to complications or trouble, let’s just keep this page light!

Down the page is information that will help you become a master of this fine art, sometimes known as the Master Class. It is for those men who come to know what a woman wants and in turn have these women provide the man with what he wants.

Onto the questions to ask your girlfriend…

Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend – Getting to Know You Questions

1. What Is Your Full Name? That is, your middle name/s too.
Seems like a nice easy starting point.

2. Can You Cook?
Go on, cook me dinner.

3. What Is Your Favorite Book/Color/Movie?
Girls like to talk about things like this, and they like it even more if their boyfriend can remember the details.

4. Do You Have Any Siblings? Are You Close?
Family and relationships are a good talking point for girls, and you would do well to remember her answers for future reference.

5. Do You Still Have Feelings For An Ex?
We think it is important to talk about ex’s, as long as it is not too sensitive an issue. Building trust in a relationship is very important and being able to talk about subjects such as this go a long way, however, for some people it is too much, so this question depends very much on the context.

6. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?
Not only is this good for learning about her ambition and future plans, it can also be an insight into what she thinks about your relationship.

7. What Do You Think Makes A Good Relationship?
Pretty standard information to know, but many relationships suffer from a communication error about what is expected from each person.

8. What Are You Most Afraid Of?
Be the hero and save her from whatever it is, just make sure you are not scared of that too!

9. What Do You Like About Me?
Do more of that and less of the next question

10. What Don’t You Like About Me?
Unless she is particularly lovey-dovey, there will always be something about you she would like to see improved, and this is a good chance for you to work on that.

11. How Many Kids Do You Want To Have? 
We’ll leave whether or not you broach this subject up to you, but it is pretty harmless.

12. What Was Your Longest Previous Relationship?
Always good to know how experienced she is.

13. How Romantic Are You?
While you might think all girls are romantic, some are more so than others. Some might not worry too much about romance while others think nothing is more important.

14. If Money Wasn’t A Question, How Would You Spend It?
This one is just a bit of fun, but it is also quite insightful.

15. If You Could Wake Up Anywhere Tomorrow, Where Would It Be?
Again a bit of fun but also insightful and good for associating fun with the relationship.

Questions to Ask Your Girlfriend – Fun Questions

Speaking of fun, here are some more fun questions to ask your girlfriend – just for you!

1. What Is The Most Naughty Thing You Have Ever Done?
Doesn’t everybody wants to know the more adventurous side to their partner?

2. What Turns You On The Most?
Just for future reference.

3. Would You Rather Stay In Or Go Out? 
And what would you like to do for each of those?

4. Would You Rather Be On Time Or Arrive When You Are Perfectly Ready?
In other words, is she going to be late all the time because she takes too long in front of the mirror?

5. What Did You Think When You First Met Me?
This one could be really good or really bad!

6. Would You Stay With Me If I Caught A Terrible Disease?
We think this is a difficult question to consider, but the answer should always be yes!

7. How About An STD?
This is just a cheeky follow-up question and the answer most probably no!

8. What Would You Do If Your Friends Or Parents Disapproved Of Me?
Usually friends can be quite influential without the person realizing it.

9. What’s The Best Compliment You’ve Ever Received?
Could be interesting and fun!

10. When Was The Last Time You Cried?
As long as it wasn’t you who caused it.

This is just a quick list of questions to ask your girlfriend to inspire you or help when you are bored or don’t know what to say. Most of the time, the fun comes from learning about each other as the relationship goes along, so don’t feel obligated to ask too many questions at the beginning of the relationship and spoil the fun. Plus it might be a bit too much pressure on the person being asked!

Master Class in Communicating with Girls

As you master these questions to ask your girlfriend, you will learn all about communications with women. You will quickly discover the verbal and non-verbal language and your need to read both these verbals and importantly, non-verbals from women. This is a Master Class if you want to know exactly what a woman wants and when she wants it!

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Questions to ask your girlfriend

Beyond these questions to ask your girlfriend, check out more questions, below:

As always, if these questions to ask your girlfriend have spurred some suggestions for categories, or you would like to contribute your own questions, feel free to contact us.

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