Tips on Asking Questions to Girls

Tips on Questions to Girls

Welcome to our “Tips on asking questions to girls” page.

Further down the page is some information to help you to become a master of this fine art! Some people call it the Master Class for men who want to know exactly what a woman wants.

Tips On asking questions to girls – Preparation

It is always good to have questions to a girl. Girls like talking, but in some situations, such as a first date, they might be reserved, shy, or nervous. Asking questions is a good way to let them open up and talk about themselves, without worrying about sounding self-obsessed. Essentially, you are giving them permission to talk, more so than that, you are encouraging it.

Some things you can consider before asking any questions though; what is the purpose of your question? Are you asking for fun? To get to know somebody better? To make conversation? To prompt them to ask you the same question in return? Bearing in mind what your motives are will help you choose better questions to ask, and should let you see better results.

Tips on asking questions to girls – Asking for something specific

Let’s say you want to know some specific information. There are two ways you can go about this:

1.) Ask them directly 2.) Be more subtle.

Depending on your relationship with the girl, and what it is you want to know, you may want to choose a different approach. Girls often don’t like direct questions and may give a different answer simply to avoid the pressure or directness of it all.

If asked if she likes a guy, she will usually say no even if she does, this is well known, but the same principle applies to many questions.

Being more subtle does not necessarily mean having to work hard or be clever to find your information though.

Let’s say you want to know if a girl likes you. The most effective ways of doing this are finding signs that she likes you, such as flaunting her single status in front of you, or her friends being excited to talk to you, but there are ways to ask questions that will direct the conversation along similar lines.

“What cool things could we do this weekend?” – If she answers something that involves the two of you hanging out alone together, that is a good sign, whereas all going out with a group of friends might not be (although it isn’t necessarily a bad thing)

“Are you looking for a new boyfriend at the moment?” – If you say it in the right way, so it doesn’t sound like you are volunteering yourself for the job, the conversation can lead onto whether she likes anyone, she may even start flirting with you about it.

“Do you have a crush on anybody right now?” – I always hated asking this question out of fear that she would answer that she liked one of my friends, but it is a useful question. She probably won’t admit to it if it is you that she has a crush on, but if she goes in circles not really giving an answer it could well be you.

These are just a few tips on asking questions to girls. Do not be frustrated if you are asking something and not getting an answer or getting the answer you didn’t want, girls do not like being asked things directly and worry about what people will think of them, so often will answer based on what is expected of them.

Tips on asking questions to girls – Making Conversation

If you are just making conversation, there are a lot of friendly questions you can ask and of course there are more interesting ones too. Remember that by asking interesting questions, you are not only finding out interesting answers but you are presenting yourself as an interesting person too.

One final tip: Remember to be prepared to answer any question you ask, it is all too easy for her to say “How about you?” after answering!

Master Class in Communicating with Girls

As you master these tips on asking questions to girls, you will want to get better and better at communicating with women, using both verbal and importantly, non-verbal language and even being able to read the verbal and non-verbal cues from women. We call it the Master Class for men who want to know what a woman wants and when…to become a master of this fine art!

To learn the language of seduction and master the art click here or on the image below to find out more.
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